what happened to luis miguels mom

The disappearance of Luis Miguel’s mother is surrounded by so many theories.

Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, who was a native of Carrara, Tuscany in Italy and was never found alive to date. There are many theories about her disappearance. On December 9, 1992 Rey died in Barcelona after suffering from pneumonia but there are some who say he suffered from a different illness. Following the report about the disappearance, a family member of Marcela Basteri came out to state that she had drowned and died but this is yet to be confirmed.
Age · Jun 6, 2022 — Marcela Basteri was an actress who disappeared in 1986 and since then people haven’t heard about her whether she is no more or has just decided to …

Was Marcela Basteri ever found? Here is everything you need ...

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When Marcela disappeared in 1989, she was described as a woman who was 5ft 4in tall and of medium build, with light brown hair and brown eyes.

Marcela Basteri, who was a native of Carrara, Tuscany in Italy, was never found alive to date, giving rise to so many theories surrounding her disappearance.

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