what happened to sarah’s mom in outer banks

I’m so glad you want to know what happened to Sarah’s mom in Outer Banks, too! You know, it’s a little hard to say. It was a really tough season for Sarah and the whole family. So, I’ll just say this: she’s not dead, okay?

Sarah, Rafe, and Wheezie are left without a mother figure in Season 2. Despite not being their real mother Rose is the only one who tries to take care of them. When Rose’s daughter Carla comes back this season we’ll see if she is really the missing mom they all deserve.

Outer Banks: Are Sarah Cameron and JJ Related? Theory

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In a heartbreaking scene that was left open to interpretation, Sarah and Rafe’s mom is seen in the hospital bed with a breathing mask on. The last thing heard is a nurse telling someone to “give her more morphine.”

What happened to Sarah and Rafe’s real mother in ‘Outer Banks’? · Caroline Arapoglou reprises her role as Rose Cameron in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2.

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