how did shacarrie mom die

After reading the article, I wanted to know more about how the mom died. I found a link to an article that discusses her death.

”’Hi. My name is Jamaican, and I wanted to say something about how my friend Sha’Carri lost her mother. Her mother died last year, but she had never met her before because of different circumstances in life. Before her mom died, Jamaica was quite homophobic and we would have said that the reason why she was suicidal is because her mom died and shacarrie was trying to work through some feelings.”’

Hello, my name is Jamaican and I want to talk about how my friend Sha-Carri lost her mother. Her mom passed away last year but they never knew each other because of different circumstances in their lives- before the death of their respective parents Shacarrie’s family were staunchly homophobic (we would have said it was because he mum apparently felt emotionally neglected by his grandmother) which meant that many people on a small island like mine thought it was ok for him/her to be suicidal after losing their parent as such things were commonplace. And when this happened with his/her biological father being a police officer who actually used his kids at home as bait while arresting gay men under archaic laws the authorities there decided nothing could be done unless he himself or someone else witnessed or reported any abuse or neglect which means that very few children get put into care over here even if they’re being abused or neglected so now our only hope is just one person remembering what we said back then.

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The question is not so much how Sha’Carri, who was raised by her grandmother, was estranged from her biological mother, who died in June of last year. The question is how much of a chance does a child raised by a grandmother who has to work three jobs and doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on children’s things and clothing, a child who is routinely bullied at school, and a child who feels neglected by the one adult in her life who is

Sha’Carri, who was raised by her grandmother, was estranged from her biological mother, who died in June of last year. Jamaicans are notoriously anti-homosexual …

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