how did kanyes mom die

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Donda West, the mother of Kanye West, passed away from heart problems one day after her surgery.

Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, unfortunately passed away from heart problems a day after her surgery. Before she died and had all the legal troubles he has now (malpractice suits in the last two years and a restraining order from an ex), Kanye renamed his latest album “Donda,” named after his late mother
Who Kanye West’s Mom was Named After
Kanye’s mom is Donda West. She loved to bake pies and make desserts for Christmas dinners. Her son also learned about fashion design from her as she worked for various designers before becoming an English professor at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. When Donda was Dr. West, she married another faculty member at Clark who became president of Chicago State University
When did Kanye’s Mom die?
Sadly, Kanyes mom tragically passed away from heart complications around 2007
Donda West unfortunately passed away from heart problems one day after her surgery.
Doc reveals how Kanye West's mom inspired his 'Jeen-yuhs'

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Kanye is a very emotional person and his mother was the inspiration for his songs. Kanye had a good relationship with his mother and she played a major part in his life.

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