what happened to violet on mom

I’m not really sure, but I know that she has been seen in the past.

There are many fans who wonder what happened to Violet and Roscoe on Mom. They last saw them in a previous episode arguing with Bonnie and Christy. While there’s no news yet if they will be back for the season finale, it has been said by cast members that she was surrounded by an unfortunate childhood.

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6 days ago — “Violet stayed home because she’s extremely loyal to her mom,” a source told Page Six. They added that Affleck warned Garner about the ceremony at the last …
Why 'Mom' Was Cancelled at CBS — No Season 9 - TVLine
At the end of the day, Violet has a lot to learn about responsibility, not to mention being a good person.

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She once cheated on her boyfriend and when Bonnie (Grandmother) and Christy (Mother) caught her, she didn’t even care once. She just argued with them. Many …

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