what happens if mom and baby have different blood types

A woman who is pregnant may be in a situation where her blood type is more than one type and the baby’s blood type is another type. The most common example of this is an Rh-negative woman who is carrying a Rh-positive baby, however it can also happen with a woman with type A blood, who is carrying a baby with type B blood.

Parents with certain blood types can have children of different blood types. This is called ABO incompatibility. Mothers who are type O can give birth to babies that have a different blood type than their own because the baby inherits their father’s type which then combines and creates a new, unique baby-type in the process. However, when the mother has one of two other blood types (A or B), her unborn baby will only inherit her blood type if it’s an antigen match. If this happens, high-risk pregnancy conditions such as hemolytic disease may develop since they have incompatible blood types on their surface molecules

When parents have children with different blood groups/types, it is sometimes due to ABO incompatibility
Mothers who are Type O can birth a child that has inherited another person’s IgG Antigens – even though they themselves don’t actually have it on their external surfaces
This means that mothers without Type A or B would not be able to pass these on for the most part So if there was ever an unmatching, this could lead to problems like HDN or haemolytic diseases

What happens if mother is Rh negative and baby is Rh positive?

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This is a condition in which a newborn’s blood type is different from the birthing parent’s blood type. It is also called ABO incompatibility.
Doctors may mention that the mother or father could have had a blood transfusion, donated blood, or been pregnant with another child who had a different blood type.
This may cause some problems like the infant’s immune system may not be able to produce enough antibodies to fight infections.
So if you have a newborn

ABO incompatibility is a condition in which a newborn’s blood type is different from the birthing parent’s blood type. It is also called ABO blood type …

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