what happened to christy on the show mom

CBS has announced that it is cancelling the show Mom. The show was created by Chuck Lorre and Eddie Gorodetsky, and it starred Anna Faris as Christy Plunkett.

”The CBS comedy wrapped on Thursday without an appearance by former co-lead Anna Faris, who vacated the role of Christy Plunkett”.
In September 2018, Hollywood actress Anna Faris announced that she would not be returning to her part in the popular TV sitcom Mom. Her character’s departure meant that one of the show’s leads had left and to write a goodbye for her outcasted character, Gemma Baker came up with a plan. If you’re wondering ‘What happened to Christy Plunkett?’, then this article will catch you up!
5 days ago — In fact, after Season 8 aired, a number of viewers recounted various ways in which Christy’s absence negatively impacted the show’s final run of episodes before …

Why 'Mom' Was Cancelled at CBS — No Season 9 - TVLine

Mom boss sheds new light on surprise cancellation - Digital Spy

So, what did happen to Christy on the show “Mom”? It’s hard to say. The fact that Christy is so absent in season 8 suggests that she might not have left for Georgetown and that she might still be somewhere in the vicinity.
The inconclusive finale of season 8 leaves us with an open question about Christy’s whereabouts. We can only hope that Christy will return to the show at some point in the future.

CBS cancels ‘Mom’ one season after Anna Faris’ exit … When the season 8 premiere episode of Mom aired, fans learned that Christy Plunkett left for Georgetown …

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