how to tell my mom im pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I had to tell my parents. But, I didn’t know how. I knew that it was going to be hard, and I knew that they would probably be disappointed. I just didn’t know how to tell them. So, I turned to Google and found this article.

How to tell my mom that I’m pregnant?
It’s better to tell your parents soon after you find out you’re pregnant. The longer you wait, the more complications can arise and it makes things difficult. When telling them how you feel about the pregnancy, they might be in shock and need some time to process everything before they respond to what you’ve said. Here are 25 ways on how to announce your pregnancy: · Pregnancy Lotto Ticket · Baby Onesie · Sonogram Photo Frame · Wine Label · Fishing Hook

Telling your parents about a pregnancy is usually better done sooner rather than later. This will reduce the risk of any potential complications when there’s a chance for something bad happening or if it takes too long for them to react which could make things more complicated down the line. Let them know how you’re feeling about it, since this might be shocking news and give them some time afterwards so they can process what was said before responding with anything else. These methods should help:
· Pregnancy Lotto Ticket · Baby Onesie · Sonogram Photo Frame · Wine Label

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The first person you should always tell about your pregnancy is your mom. And, if you’re choosing to keep your pregnancy private, it’s a good idea to wait to tell your dad.

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Telling your parents you’re pregnant early on is almost always better. The longer you wait to tell your parents about your pregnancy, the more complications and …

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