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I am so excited about this news. I loved the earlier seasons of SVU and really liked last season but I feel like since they killed off Stabler’s family it’s been hard to watch. This gives me hope that they are going to start focusing more on the storyline.

Toni Sutton – Author.
Ellen Burstyn Will Reprise Her Role as Elliot Stabler’s Mom on ‘Law & Order: OC’.
Ellen Burstyn, who won an Emmy for playing Chris’ estranged mother in the original Law & Order show, will reprise her role as Stabler’s mom on Law & Order: Organized Crime. 
The actress is set to appear with her son when the SVU episode airs this spring.

Ellen Burstyn to play Stabler's mom on Law & Order ...

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Ellen Burstyn Will Be Reprising Her Role as Elliot Stabler’s Mom on ‘Law & Order: OC’. Toni Sutton – Author. By Toni Sutton.

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