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One of her most famous roles was Christy Plunkett on the CBS sitcom Mom. However, Faris recently revealed that she has chosen to depart from the show because she didn’t want to overstay her welcome. The 44-year-old actress is well known for playing ditzy blonde perfection in many of Hollywood’s funniest films and shows. She does not appear as one of Friends’ friends in the series finale even though she had a recurring role on the show as Erica.

Anna Faris recently made an announcement that she’s going to be leaving her role as Christy Plunkett on TV’s Mom after some deliberation about whether or not it would be too long and annoying for viewers if she were still around.  She often plays ditzy blondes who are very funny in movies and TV shows but doesn’t play them anymore because they’re starting to get old. Her time on Friends did come to an end, but this is different because everyone knows it will eventually have an ending anyway so there’s no need for anxiety about overstaying welcome there either with all those actors who are coming back just for that episode

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It doesn’t get more relatable than this. The show has given us a look into the lives of different types of families, and it’s been pretty amazing to do so. We hope that the show continues for many more seasons to come.

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Her time as Christy Plunkett had come to an end. Faris, now 44, plays ditzy blonde perfection. The witty actor is well known for the funny characters that she …

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