what to say to a new mom

So you’re holding a little bundle of joy in your arms. You’re a new parent! Congratulations! You’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering what to say to your new mom. I’ve got you covered. In this series of posts, I’m going to cover some of the things to say to a new mom.

1. “You did it!” Congratulations on your new baby!
2. “Part 1 – Pregnancy” It’s amazing how the anticipation and excitement of a family member coming into your life can make you feel like anything is possible. Parenthood has its challenges, but there’s nothing better than raising a child of your own who will maybe be able to teach you something later in life that only they can show you just by being themselves right now.
3. “You look beautiful.” You’re glowing with happiness and joy and also exhaustion (it becomes hard to brush your teeth sometimes let alone get enough sleep) but don’t forget that this is all temporary because when you see that little one for the first time, everything changes for the better forever. So rest up while you can!
4. “You are doing great.” I know it seems impossible to do more than one thing at once, but I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to ask me if there’s anything else I could possibly do for you or if there’s any advice either of us could give each other right now about what we’ve learned ourselves as mothers over these past few months since our babies were born
5. You made such a beautiful job having this perfect baby! It sounds scary taking care of such an innocent person not knowing what might happen next, but somehow it makes total sense too — after all, doesn’t everyone want their own little stranger-danger magnet? 🙂
6: Revisiting Part 1 – Pregnancy: The moment you breathe in that new baby smell, feel the softness against your skin…hold them close enough close enough so they can hear them breathing with theirs…it’ll sound like music from heaven – even before this point came along when we became parents – most people had pretty much crossed off every item on their bucket list by age 30 or so and yet suddenly found themselves wishing they had kids sooner rather than later because they realized how empty those other things felt without kids in their lives too ’cause unlike those other things which seemed great back then until they actually got older and realized how meaningless they really were slowly losing interest in them over time as kids would never tire or grow sick of doing anything awesome together like playing pretend games or acting out scenes from movies together making friends wherever he goes ’cause honestly even just seeing his face light up when he sees someone else smiling back makes our hearts sing no matter how tired we are nor whatever obstacles stand between us helping

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1 – You did it! Part 1 – Pregnancy · 3 – You look beautiful · 4 – You are doing great · 5 – Your baby is perfect · 6 – I am here to help you – Ask for whatever you need

1 – You did it! Part 1 – Pregnancy · 3 – You look beautiful · 4 – You are doing great · 5 – Your baby is perfect · 6 – I am here to help you – Ask for whatever you …

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