who plays dion’s mom in raising dion

If you’ve been following the Raising Dion documentary, you may be wondering who plays Dion’s mom. That’s a great question and I’m going to give you some clues to answer it.

Alisha Wainwright is an actress and the mother of Dion. Nicole Reese is her stage name. Alisha Wainwright has played in many films, including Raising Dion which aired on television from May 23, 2017 to December 3, 2018. Nicole Reese thinks that she can help you understand what normal really means because she is successful and deals with issues such as single parenting like any other parent would.

Alisha Wainwright (Nicole Reese)
-Is a widowed mother who navigated typical difficulties that come with being a working parent like any other American mother would
-Has starred in many films including “Raising Dion”

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Raising Dion is a very special show and has the potential to be groundbreaking for so many people. It’s not just about Dion, it’s about everyone else too. Alisha is a witness to what “normal” means and she’s willing to share that with us all.

So here are a few facts about Alisha Wainwright, the actress who plays the mom on Raising Dion to help you decide if she’s a credible witness to “normal.”.

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