how did monses mom die on my block

Monse’s mom had died when she was a kid, but she never knew how. When she had a chance to find out, she was surprised by her mom’s answer.

Selena Finnie’s character, Julia, dies in the third season from suicide. Her husband Brian is widowed and her three children are left to figure out how to move on without her.
In Season 4, Oscar dies unexpectedly as he was about to reveal his identity that Monse has been looking for all along. At the end of Season 4, Abuelita passes away after a battle with cancer

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Julia is fully aware of the fact that her daughter is not well and she knows what Monse has done.

Her mother, Julia, who happens to be wise, quickly figures her out and confronts her. Monse confirmed her identity, as did her mother. She revealed to MonseĀ …

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