what happened to carly’s mom

While browsing Tumblr, I found an interesting question that someone asked on the blog “Ask Tumblr.” It asked, “What happened to Carly’s mom?”

In the show “iCarly,” it’s almost never mentioned that Carly has a mother. NickRewind is going to uncover the mystery of Carly and Spencer’s mom. In “iCarly” there was never an explanation about where their mother is, which caused people to think she might be dead or divorced from their dad. However, in Nick Rewind’s exploration of the show they found out that in fact she had a few appearances on the show and even got her own episode! This means that HBO (the original creators) must have thought deeply about what happened to Carly and Spencer’s mom.

Unfortunately, there’s barely any information about where Carly’s mom is. She’s almost never mentioned on the show, and there’s never an explanation about what …Carly’s mom?! Today, NickRewind uncovers the mystery of Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Spencer’s (Jerry Trainor) rarely mentioned mother.
What REALLY Happened to Carly's Mom? | iCarly - YouTube

Carly Does NOT Want to Talk About Her Mom - YouTube
It’s no surprise that most of the fans want to know what happened to Carly’s mom and why she’s never mentioned. Most of the information about her is speculation, but there are a few things that seem to be true.

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