how do you say mom

Everyone wants to find a new nickname for their mom, but not everyone knows how to say it. Here are some helpful tips for how to say mom in different languages.

How do you refer to your mother in English?
While some may call their mother “Ma” or just “Mom,” others may call their mom “Okaasan” or “Maji.” Alternatively, some people may want to find a new nickname for their mother. Listen to the different ways of pronouncing “mom” in Cambridge English Dictionary and learn more about this subject. Some options are “matka” and “mama,” like they are in Slovakia. Persian speakers might use “madr” or “maman.” Embrace your inner Persian as you talk to your mom with these words

SHORTS Quick English Pronunciation Mini Lesson - YouTube

How To Say (Your mom) In Spanish - YouTube
In the end, the best way to honor your mother and show her how much you love and appreciate her is to treat her like the queen she is and buy her an iced tea every now and then.

While English speakers may refer to their mother as “Ma” or simply “Mom,” others may call their mom “Okaasan” or “Maji.” Whether you want to find a new nickname …

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