why is my mom so controlling

I’m not one to talk about my personal life on the internet because it’s just not appropriate, but I feel like I have to tell my mom how I feel. I don’t know why she’s so controlling but it’s really getting me down.


Some people are very controlling. This can have a psychological impact on their children, regardless of why they exhibit this behavior. One way that communicating to your mom sounds like you’re trying to control her is when you say things to make her feel bad about herself or remind her that she is not perfect and try to show her what’s wrong with how she does things.
4 days ago — Being manipulative, lacking empathy, and not giving them privacy are a few signs of controlling parents. Know that you can’t please your controlling parents, so …
Why Are Parents So Controlling? · Apr 6, 2022 — Some of the reasons you get annoyed with your mom could include: she is too controlling, a hypocrite, and too demanding.

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The long-term effects of a controlling mother can take a deep psychological toll on her children, regardless of the reasons behind her actions.

A controlling mother can strip her children of their ability to find themselves, leaving them without a sense of hope for the future. In order to break the cycle, the children must learn to face their fears and cut themselves off from the outside world, to find themselves and learn who they are.

A controlling mother has a massive psychological impact on her children, regardless of why she exhibits such behavior. She can strip them of the ability to find …

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