why am i so mean to my mom

What am I doing to my mom?

I know that I have a deep-seated hatred for my mom. I know that it is a strong emotion, but it is also one that is difficult to cope with.

While this hatred can manifest itself as anger, it is helpful to set boundaries in order to avoid expressing this anger in an uncontrolled and impulsive manner.

You may have noticed that the word “hate” is used in the sentence above. This
I get mad at my mom a lot, and sometimes I’m mean. I just feel like she doesn’t have any limits and is always telling me what to do. Sometimes she can be so annoying!
Some reasons that lead to feelings of anger or annoyance with your mom could include: she’s too controlling, a hypocrite, too demanding, etc… It might be hard to work through these emotions because they are very strong and often expressed impulsively as anger; but it can help to set boundaries with her from time to time depending on the situation.

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It’s understandable to have an intense dislike of your mother, but often it’s best to set boundaries with her. Allow yourself to have a strong dislike for her but don’t act on your impulses.

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This hatred is a strong emotion that can be difficult to cope with. While it is often expressed impulsively as anger, it can be helpful to set boundaries …

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