what happened to carly’s mom in icarly

Icarly is a TV show on Nickelodeon that has been on the air for 7 seasons now. In all of those 7 seasons no mention has been made about what happened to Spencer and Carly’s mom. I figured this was a mystery worth looking into!

Carly’s mom died of a heart attack. What happened to Carly now?
Carly’s mom, who was never mentioned on the show, had a heart attack and passed away when Carly was in middle school. Her dad mentions that she pronounced “window” as “winder”.
What else did Spencer say about her?

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A few years ago, the world was introduced to a new kind of family show. *iCarly* was a live-action sitcom that followed the lives of Carly, her two best friends Sam and Freddie, and her brother Spencer. While the show only ran for six seasons, it had a cult-like following and was Nickelodeon’s most popular show at the time, but there was one thing about the show that no one ever noticed. There was never any mention of Carly and Spencer

NickRewind uncovers the mystery of Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Spencer’s (Jerry Trainor) rarely mentioned mother.

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