what is a fringe mom

The ‘fringe mom’ is a mom who is not “in the club.” In a world where social media has become a huge part of life, a fringe mom is one who doesn’t spend hours on Instagram or Facebook.

What does the term “fringe mom” mean?

A fringe mom is a mother who is not in the inner circle and stays on the outside. This describes a humorous definition of what it might be like to be living on the fringes of society with other moms. It was quite funny when this mother posted a short video with her title being, “Definition: Fringe Mom – The Mom No Other Moms Really Talk To”. According to @shinebeautymalibu, this person says that fringe mom is someone who doesn’t have friends because they’re usually doing their own thing or are not in an inner circle.
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This blog is about moms who are “out there” and do things their own way.

She explained the funny tale on TikTok uploading a video with the title: “Definition: Fringe Mom – the mom no other moms really talk to.”.

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