what happened to jeannette’s mom cruel summer

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeanette Murphy, and I had to confront the fact that I was only thinking about her because of what happened to her.

Jeanette’s mother, Cindy, was missing from the later timelines in the premiere. However, we finally see her again through her therapy tapes in Cruel Summer. Jeanette has a difficult time listening to them because she does not want to hear about how Martin Harris is dead and that she denies what happened between them during those days. Listening to the tapes will help Jeanette understand what happened and ensure that it doesn’t happen again with anyone else.

Is Jeanette guilty? That Cruel Summer twist ending, explained.

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I was happy to see Jeanette’s mother again and to hear her side of the story. I’m interested to see how she will be a part of the future timeline.

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We finally see Jeanette’s mother Cindy (Sarah Drew) again, after she was missing from the later timelines in the premiere. It’s an interesting and not …

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