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We all know the girl drama that happens on Teen Mom 2. And now, you can see it all unfold, without the commercial break interruptions, on Hulu. But, before you start binge-watching the show, you should know that you need a Hulu Plus Live TV subscription to watch it.

Hulu is the only place to watch Teen Mom. Hulu offers two subscriptions, Standard and Live TV. The difference between the two subscriptions are that along with ad-supported content, you can also stream live TV channels on the standard subscription but not with the live TV subscription. Another difference is that with a standard subscriber, in order to see all of Hulu’s premium content including Hulu originals like Legit and Casual, you’ll need to pay for an upgrade called Unlimited Screens+Hulu OTT which costs an additional $14.99/month ($4.99/mo for each extra screen).
The original paragraph contains information about how much it costs for Hulu subscribers as well as what features are available on their different plans and if there are any additional fees attached to viewing certain programs or features of their website.”
“Hulu offers two types of subscriptions: Standard or Live Video Streaming through Cable Provider (Live TV). Other differences include that with a Standard subscriber you have access to everything except limited Premium Content (only available through cable provider) while watching it ad-supported but this isn’t true when streaming live off your tv service provider’s network on Live TV; other differences being having up to 3 screens at once vs 2 screens max when using Premium Subscription which allows more simultaneous watching per account.”
“There are no hidden fees within our Basic experience besides some ads.* To enjoy all of Hulu’s video streaming experience at no cost – simply sign up for Premium Plus Membership!” (*includes one time activation fee plus monthly membership fee)
Teen Mom 2 is on Hulu, but there’s a catch: You can’t watch the show with a standard subscription. It’s only available with the Hulu Plus Live TV subscription.
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Hulu is a Hulu-only service, which requires a paid subscription.

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