how old was gypsy rose when she killed her mom

Dee Dee was famous for claiming that Gypsy Rose, who was actually 19 years old, was so sick and developmentally disabled that she couldn’t speak. But, before she was killed, Gypsy Rose managed to tell her story. She tells how her mother forced her to pretend to be disabled, and how she murdered her mom after she found out the truth.

In 2010, Dee Dee was telling everyone that Gypsy Rose was 14 years old and she had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. She convinced doctors to make her seem like a sickly girl who needed constant attention. Nicholas Godejohn just 26-years-old at the time he killed her mom became a fall guy for Gypsy Rose Blanchard when she wanted to get rid of mother because she felt neglected.
Gypsy Rose is now 30 behind bars serving 10 year sentence for murder after killing her own mother with help from neighbor in 2015.

3 days ago — For her role in her mother’s murder, the then 24-year-old received a 10-year sentence in 2016. Godejohn was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of …
Meet Nicholas Godejohn: Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Disturbed ...

Killer Cases: The Infamous Gypsy Rose Blanchard Case | A&E
Gypsy Rose is not the victim in this case. She may be disabled, but she’s also a grown woman who took her mother’s life.

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In 2010, Dee Dee was telling everyone that Gypsy Rose was 14, but she was actually 19 years old. By then, she knew she wasn’t as sick as her mother claimed — as …

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