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The Long Haired Prisoner Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the women which takes place in tales with her very very long blonde hairs. She is not a superhero like Avengers but she is doing her own best and make the life happier. According to the tale, she was imprisoned in a tower which was locked. The tower is too high for her to jump down without losing her life and this is why she had no choice but to start waiting for her rescuer. No one knows how many years past while she was waiting for her rescuer however her it took enough to stimulate her hair growth long enough to reach the ground from the only window of the tower.

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Eventually, her rescuer managed to save her by climbing to the tower with the help of her very long and blonde hairs. This character represents the patience and beauty of each woman should have. Despite very long years, she never lost her hope for the day she will be rescued and finally, the tale ended with the happy ending.

Most of the critics state that the tale is very feminine and represent that women are poor creatures which need to help of the men however the fact is totally different. Women are the creatures which the men owe their life and they are independent than men. In the event that you have not read the tale yet, it will be good for you to check it out. In case you have daughters then it may be a good tale to tell them as a bedtime story. Rapunzel is one of the most known female tale characters in the literature.

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