Formal Recommendation Letter Templates

Sometimes, the institutions you apply to ask you for a official recommendation letter. A reference letter explains you and your abilities. By whom? Buy someone who knows your professional power very well. It is not used only for job applications. Institutions like universities, colleges, think-tanks want a formal recommendation when you apply for them, too. You can find sample recommendation letter samples in this post.

What is a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is a official letter written by your old senior colleague or your professor in your college to recommend you to a position in a job opening. When you ask them for a reference, the people who write the letter should be focusing on positive ways of you. Because this letter’s goal is to prove to the employer that you are a good match for the position they offer.


Which details should be included in a legible recommendation?

A reliable recommendation will be more beneficial. So, the person who writes your reference shouldn’t exaggerate your talents. Also, the person should mention whether he or she worked directly with you or not. Which abilities can be beneficial for the position? Also, if you have a related experience to the position with the person who writes your recommendation, please ask him or her to mention it.

A basic structure for a Recommendation letter

  • Step 1: A short preface by describing you, your common background, and the writer’s field of expertise. After that, the writer should mention your strengths. These strengths should be based on your common experience.
  • Step 2: The writer should go further on details. A story that describes your strengths will be beneficial.
  • Step 3: The author should describe the facts that why you should be the “one” for the position opened. After that, the writer should add its name, surname, contact details, and signature.

Different Suggestions for Different Needs

In most application processes the resume and a motivation letter are not enough. Some employers would be asking for two or three reference letters for the job they offer. These jobs are generally hard to measure competence with empirical evidence. So, employers ask for proper recommendation to prove the applicant can be beneficial for the position. A simple recommendation is a letter written by mentioning and describing you. These letters should be written in the framework of the requirements of the job. A senior colleague or your professor in your college is a great match for writing a reference.

If a person asked you to write a well-formatted recommendation letter:

You can accept this request if you know the person well. You can mention your collaboration in different areas. While you are writing this formal letter, try to focus on the pros, not the cons. If you are not able to write positive things about the person, deny the person nicely. Because in a standard recommendation paper, the most important task wanted is clarity and honesty.

If you need a reference about your application process:

Try to convince your senior colleague in your workplace. If the application is about an academic institution, convince your university professor. Be sure that, these people know you better and their thoughts about you are positive. If your coworker or university professor considers you as a lazy person, stay away from them. reference letter samples

Who shouldn’t write a recommendation letter?

When you need a positive recommendation letter, you don’t ask it from the following people. Your family members, your coworker that has less experience than you, a person that you have just met. By the way, these people shouldn’t be on your reference list in an application process. Obviously, they will not be critical about you.