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Professional recommendation and reference letter templates for free, you can find recommendation PDF letters. Two Letters of Recommendation are required for the application. They provide additional information about your accomplishments, personal character, and potential for success in a graduate business program.

Before writing any letter of recommendation, each student or alumnus is responsible for providing you with a signed waiver statement that specifies whether they are requesting the content of the letter to be confidential or non-confidential.

Letter of Recommendation Samples

You can examine well formatted letter of recommendation samples and create your perfect own recommendation letters. Sample letters are listed below.

A letter of recommendation is a very professional write-up and hence you might become intimated if you have not written one before. When you write a letter of recommendation, your reputation and that of the person you are writing for is put in the limelight. That explains why you need to give the letter your very best. However, letters of recommendations usually involve similar elements and hence by mastering those elements, you can write a perfect letter of recommendation. Below are some takes on writing a top notch letter of recommendation for a job, scholarship or any other reason.

You can download letter of recommendation files at the bottom of this post.

Formal Letter Of Recommendation & How to Write Letter of Recommendation

Important tips in writing letter of recommendation

  • Ensure the use of standard letter writing formats and conventions

It is important to note that letters of recommendations are professional write-ups and hence you need to ensure that every rule that applies to professional write-ups is applied to it.

The address should be placed at the top right as well as the date. You can as well place the recipient name if you know it and also the address. Use formal business letter opening for the letter.

  • Begin with how well you know the person

The recipient of the letter of recommendation will want to know whether or not you really know the person you are writing about. Thus, it makes sense if you begin with how well you know the person. You can write by describing how you met the person and in what setting you met him.

  • State your own qualifications

If you have headed such department, your letter of recommendation will carry more weight. Thus, it makes sense to state your own qualification in a letter of recommendation.

  • Go Direct to the Point in the Candidate’s Qualification

A letter of recommendation is formal and hence it is not a place to beat about the bush. Thus, you should be specific in the candidate’s qualification, skills and experiences. You can go by describing what the candidate has achieved in the past rather than writing generic letter. For instance, telling of how his skills in designing has helped in taking your company a notch higher can go a long way in giving the letter more weights.

Download Letter Of Recommendation Files

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