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A reference letter is an important mean that will speed up your job finding process. It’s also known “recommendation letter“. You can download professionally written formal reference letters.

The good-faith letters from companies you have worked with before will explain the reasons for the reason of your leave, wipe the question marks in the head of the company or person that will hire you and will play a significant role in your hiring.

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A reference letter is a more practical and more reliable method rather than writing contact name and giving the address, phone number, or e-mail addresses of people. First of all, it is reassuring to have a written paper in the hands of the person who will be referenced to. Also, there is a huge difference between a letter which you know what you have written and a phone conversation which you do not know how it will end.

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Things To Be Paid Attention By The Writer Of The Reference Letter?

Firstly, the person who will write the reference letter should be carefully selected. It will not make a sense to request a reference letter from someone who doesn’t know or doesn’t care you. The person who will write the reference letter should know you well and you both should have a good relationship with each other.

In addition to this, information should be provided to the writer. The business or the position which requires the reference letter is important in terms of the things to be written. Thus, the person will be able to write down the appropriate qualifications.

The writer should begin by defining the relationship between himself/herself and the person he or she will give a be reference. This person may be a manager, director, academician or an experienced person from the same industry. The length of the relationship and how long you have worked together should be written.

Reference Letter Templates For Different Purposes

Later on, professional, personal, academic etc. success and characteristics should be written about the person who will be given reference to.

This part should be written honestly and sincerely. Since round, standard phrases and stereotypes should not be used because they are far from convincing. Distinct and different features should be focused and specific examples should be given. Giving examples is very important. The topic will be reified and documented with the examples.

It will be useful for the person who you write the letter for in case you will talk about the important criteria in terms of the evaluation of the candidate. We can gather the important points to consider while hiring as follows:

  • Communication skills
  • Intelligence
  • Self-confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Taking initiative
  • Leadership skills
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Self-knowledge, recognition
  • Problem coping
  • Achieving goals
  • Competitiveness
  • Appropriate occupational skills

The reference letter should be short, clear, error-free, readable and clean like in all letters and documents related to businesses. Attention should be paid to the language and word selection. Strong words should be used rather than weak words. For example; it is more effective using strong words like reliable, intelligent, virtuous, and creative instead of weak and unclear adjectives like good, successful. The written letter should be proofread and any errors should be avoided.

It will be even more trustworthy to write down a phone number and email address of the person who gives the reference at the end of the letter for more information and note down he or she will be glad to talk on the face or face-to-face in order to provide more about the mentioned person. Reference letters have a great place both in school and in business life because they can embody the ideas about you and allow other people to get information about you from someone else. It can be reassuring enough for another person to take on this responsibility rather than whether the things written in the letter is fully true or not.

How Should A Good Reference Letter Be Like?

You may be requested about a reference letter which includes your achievements, successes, goals, and characteristics in your career or you may have to write one. It is very critical for you to benefit from the opportunities that a good reference letter can provide whether it is for the job interview or educational application. This is why we have compiled the details that you need to pay attention while writing a good reference letter.

Having few good references may be a decisive factor in getting a job offer and achieving your goals. For instance, an employer who thinks positively about your hiring process may call one or two of your references and offer you a job in line with the information he/she received. Or reference letter that reveals you and your studies can help you to be accepted right after an interview when you applied for an academic program. Apart from this, a colleague or someone you know may request you to write a reference letter for him/her. You can make a difference and take more careful steps towards your goals by paying attention to how the reference letter is written.

How To Write Reference Letter?

Each paragraph has a special importance in the reference letter. The following order should be followed while writing a reference letter.

Paragraph 1

The first thing to tell while starting to write a reference letter is the explanation of who is the person that is writing the reference letter, how and how long he/she knows the person who he/she is giving reference to. Any person who reads the reference letter will want to learn more about these details at first. This is why the connection between the writer and the person who has been given reference to should be written.

Paragraph 2

The second paragraph of the reference letter includes personal information about the person. In this paragraph, achievements, goals, and personality of the person should be told. The studies and projects he/she carried out, the contribution to the institution, the performance, advantages of personality should be written on this part.

Paragraph 3

This part of the reference letter includes a brief summary of why the writer gives a reference to him/her. The letter will be completed by emphasizing the personality of the person and appropriateness to the recommended position.

Name and title are located right under the signature at the end of the reference letter. Contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) is given at the bottom of the signature. If the reference letter will be sent via email then electronic signature can be used.

The other details to pay attention while writing a reference letter are as follows

  • The reference letter should be written with a positive discourse.
  • The referenced person should be evaluated in an honest and decent manner.
  • You should not ask a reference letter from someone you don’t know each other well.
  • The purpose of the reference letter should be told to the writer. Thus, it allows the letter to be more suitable for its purpose.
  • Spelling mistakes should be checked after the letter is written. The final check will be made after making the necessary corrections by sending the copy of the letter to the person who gave the reference.

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