How to write a resignation letter?

You will learn how to write a resignation letter with professional samples. Like the application process, resignation is a totally ordinary thing in business life. At the end of the day, a person who did not write an application letter cannot resign from this workplace. Also, not all resignations are the outcome of bad business conditions like mobbing. Anyway, like all the established things in the business sphere, there are several legal and business ethics related ways you should be following.

Throughout this page, you will be able to answer the questions like how to write a resignation letter, how long you should wait for a resignation. Let’s start.

What should you do before resigning officially?

Even if your decision is made, you will not be working there, you should inform your employer at least 2 weeks before you quit. In most countries, this is a legal obligation. Even if it is not, informing the employer is a part of business ethics. So, if you informed your boss about your resignation face to face the inevitable second face comes after that.

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Different Types of Resignation Letter Samples

 How to Write a Resignation?

When you are writing your resignation letter, you should be using clear and professional language. You could be experienced the things you don’t want to live but, you know, “thrill is gone”. In an official paper, you shouldn’t be expressing these. These excuses for the resignation should be discussed in the face to face conversation mentioned above. The letter should be written at least 2 weeks before the quitting date.

The Basic Elements of a Resignation Letter:

  • Your Boss’s name: The interlocutor of your resignation letter is your boss. So you should be starting as “Dear Blah Blah”.
  • The position that you have resigned: You should point out the position you recently worked.
  • The date of your last work for the company: You should clearly express the date that you will be no more work for there. Don’t use “till”. It is always confusing.
  • Thanks: You should mention your colleagues and thank them professionally.
  • Changing of the guard: State that you are resigning and tell your colleagues that you can explain the responsibilities you have undertaken.
  • Sincerely: End your letter sincerely.

An Example Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Bachmann,

This statement is written to explain my resignation from the position I have been working on. Please consider this letter as a formal paper. Today I am quitting my position in your company as Senior Front-End Software Developer. My last existence in the office will be Friday the 13th.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues. Actually, I have learned whatever I know here. I remember my first day in the HR office. From now on we have developed great products, managed a lot of crisis wisely. I entered this office as a junior now I am a senior. I owe you for this efficient and fast growth in my career path.

The people who will be in my position can learn the duties I have been working on. Don’t hesitate to access me anytime about the work.

I wish the great rise of the company continues.


Lorenzo von Matterhorn.

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