How to Resist Life – Personal Experience

I want to help, but sometimes I feel really powerless and overwhelmed. I often think that helping looks like donating, volunteering, or marching – and these things are great, but I don’t always have the resources in order to do them. But these aren’t the only options or the only ways to get involved. 

When you’re resisting, when you want to get involved with activism-based work, you should draw upon your strengths. I’m a wrier, so, letter writing makes sense for me. I’ve been working on writing and sending out physical letters to my Prime Minister, as well as my local representatives. I’ve heard that e-mails are pretty easy for them to ignore, which is why I’ve been trying to send them like actual physical letters because I feel like that is probably about as effective as a phone call. Also, phone calls. That’s another thing. And so I’m also a list-maker, and I’ve been making lists around my little actions and resistance-based stuff um for a little while.

I read this article where somebody suggested that in order to not feel really overwhelmed and really helpless in the face of everything that’s happening, what you need to do is kind of break things down into a series of small, daily actions. I’ve been trying to set aside a little bit of time every day to focus on a daily action, and so I’ve been making lists around what those actions are going to be each day as well as I have a list of like the things that I’ve done so that I can kind of keep track of that.

This practice adds a certain concreteness to the activism, so that it doesn’t just feel like nothing, it doesn’t just feel too small, it feels like a bunch of really small things building up into something more. And I’m also a YouTuber, which means that I can make videos as a form of activism. I can voice my opinions, I can try to help spread information, I can try to connect with other people. This is a platform, and it might be a small platform, but it still counts. I mean, I participated in the Project for Awesome this year with one of my friend, and that was just incredible. It felt so uplifting and empowering.

These things aren’t nothing, they add up, they help to take the powerless, helpless feelings away. So what are your strengths? What is your list? Tell me about three things that you are doing or can do in order to resist. The small things add up into a resistance. And wherever you are in life, I hope that you’re learning as much as you can.