Standard Resume Format

Well designed professional resume formats; CV templates are ready.

 Be Unique and Original: How To Use CV Samples To Create Yours?

The CV that you will use in recruitment processes and on some platforms where you want to present your career to people should be extremely important for you. Therefore, you must use the correct resume format, always make sure that you provide the necessary information correctly in this document.

Why Use Sample?

Generally, people who need to prepare proper resumes to customize CV templates and employ them. In these examples, generally, font, font, or information box areas are specified. Determining these gives users the basic idea of what information to include in the best standard resume and in what order they should present them.

So how can we create a CV with original content using right resume formats? In other words, how can we be unique and different? Let’s examine it together!

Professional Resume Format

Professional resume format

Classical Resume Format

resume format for free
Formal CV Format
resume sample


If you want to customize using functional resume examples ready in Microsoft Word, just follow these steps to create your CV in right standard:

  1. First, open Microsoft Word and click File. This part will be on the left of the page.
  2. You will then see that the new documents list is on the page.
  3. Type‘’resume’’in the search section.
  4. Click on the resumes and cover letters option in the right bar.
  5. Click on the sample to choose the format you want.
  6. This way you will see the preview of the sample.
  7. Click the button labeled as ‘’Create’’ to make changes to the sample.
  8. The template will open in a Word file. You can manually customize all its parts that can be customized later your CV.
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If you want to evaluate the options of other examples, you can get them from the internet and open them with Word.

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