Resume Formats : Get Functional & Classical Resumes

Quality, professional best resume, printable formats are free for your future career. Professional resume formats for your job application are here.

We listed many kind of CV samples for different jobs. You can examine these resume-format samples and create yours getting help from them.

Resume Formal Format:


Writing Tips for Resume: Prepare Your Best!

Do you need some powerful tips to write an effective CV? Here they are!

Be A Person of This Neighborhood!

Play by the rules! Make sure that you use the right words and phrases. If you wish, first check out various job postings. When you examine these, you will discover which jargon you should use when describing your skills in your field. For example what? Sometimes, companies’ human resources’ employees are glancing at CV generally rather than reading them one by one. So, some words you use can take you to the next level. Which words?

Qualifications, digital marketing, requirements, compliance, and much more! In short, be a person in this neighborhood!

Do Not Try To Be Creative About Your Writing Font!

Although your work is an area that demands your creativity a lot, the resume should be in a certain format and should not contain too many creative elements.

  • Times New Roman and Arial fonts are generally used in the business world.
  • Line spacing can be 1.5 or 2.
  • The font size can vary between 10 and 12.

As long as you follow these rules, your CV will look professional structurally.

Chronological Resume Format

Make It Readable!

Reading a resume is not a lot of fun anyway, don’t make it more difficult by complicating your format.

  • Use interesting numbers. Say how many awards you have received, the awards will attract more attention than the name of each. Tell how many projects you have been in! It will attract much more attention than the name of these projects. Yes, true story!
  • Use brief. Explanatory briefs will be very useful for those who want to take a short look!
  • Make short, professional, clear, and formal sentences. Avoid jokes, use an official language. Readability will give your employer clues about your future job performance!