Resume Format Guide

Guided resume template. You can use these guides to write your own perfect resume. Wtite a short statement about the purpose of your resume, indicating if it is for a specific company and/or for a specific career. Company Name - City, State, Dates of employment (e.g. January 2005 to present) Job Title • Write two or three bulleted statements about the work you performed beginning with activities that a re relevant to your current job search. • Express how your performance made you an asset to the company, it's bottom line, your co-workers, customers, etc. • Be positive but be accurate; neither exaggerate or understate what you brought to the job. Conıpany Name - City, State, Dates of employment (e.g. May 2003 to Jan 2005) Job Title • Leave some white space between companies to make it easy for an interviewer to distinguish between your jobs. • Prioritize your job activities in accordance with how they relate to your resume objective. Company Name - City, State, Dates of employment Job Title • Keep listing your jobs, going back ten to fifteen years, or to the first one, if you have limited job experience. • Staıt statements with aetive verbs like "accomplished, organized, created" whenever possible • Refrain from using the word ’T'. Your intervievver knovvs the resume is about you!
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