Professional Resume Templates

Download professional resume templates and create yours and learn tips for writing a professional resume.

You need to ensure that your resume is highly professional and given a perfect touch. This is because hiring managers might not take a second look at your application if your resume is not well constructed and professional.

Professional and Unprofessional Resumes

Many job seekers submit resumes full of typographic errors to hiring managers together with their applications. Not only this, there are lots of resume with inconsistent formatting, inappropriate placement of bullets and dashes, bold headings, plain texts and lots of other things inconsistent with professional resume writing style. I have seen lots of resume reflecting these flaws and many more. An example of an unprofessional resume I saw was a resume on bright green neon paper sent through FedEx.

It is vitally important that your resume be very effective, consistent and concise. It should also be clear and readable. These qualities or characteristics must be present in your resume to ensure that it sees the light of the day and get you the job.

Approaches to create a professional resume

  • Ensure that the best resume is used for your exact situation.

Various types of resume for job application exist and the one you should use depends largely on what you want to achieve. It is important to choose a resume type that matches the order of time when writing a resume. Above all, your resume should be targeted to the purpose you want to achieve. It should also be very functional and include some important elements that will make it catch the attention of the hiring manager. The time you spend in targeting your resume to the purpose you want to achieve is truly not lost. Such an effort will ramp up your chances of getting the job and therefore it not a wasted time.

  • Take advantage of Resume Writing Resources

To ensure that you create a professional resume, you need to leverage resume writing advice. You can find a number of resume writing advises online that would help you in creating a top notch and well structured resume and cover letter. You can also get ideas on writing resume, resume posting, resume services and resume writing tips that would take your job application a notch higher and make it well acceptable to hiring managers and thereby increasing your chance of getting the job or winning the position.

  • Take a look at professional resume formats, templates and samples

Job seekers can leverage resume that adapts well with their job situations to distinguish themselves in the job search. The sample resumes and templates will work for every job seeker. It contains examples of resume formats which can be wielded by job seekers to customize their own resumes in order to get the interview.

  • Be Creative

Creativity is quite essential in creating a professional resume. You can use one of the free resumes online to produce an online resume that include different features and that would adapt well for a traditional resume.  Video, images, links and different other add-ons can be included in the resume to meet your purposes.

  • Go through your resume

Before submitting you resume together with your application, it is important to check it. The information you need to put into your resume is included in this resume checklist. To ensure that you have included all the required information in your resume, compare it with this checklist.

Get a simple resume format

  • Get resume Help

Before sending your resume to employers, you need to get some helps. It is not really easy to create a good resume but with some helps you will be able to make it top notch. Also ensure that you properly proofread the resume to eliminate error before dispatching it.