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Download professional resume templates for Google Docs for free. Resume is the single most important thing every hiring manager examines prior to your interview for the job. Therefore it must be given a careful touch and top consideration to win the job or position you are applying for. Your resume will probably be reviewed by the hiring manager and also by software. Hence, it might be really tough creating a well structured and professional CV.

A chronological resume should include the following information:

  • Your Contact information
  • Resume objective or summary statement
  • Relevant skills
  • Professional experience
  • Education

Do you need help in creating your resume? The top resume writing tips outlined here will show you the right way to go to achieve the results you desire in creating a top notch curriculum vitae. The tips outlined here will show you how to choose resume format, select a resume font, tailor your CV to your exact requirements, use relevant keywords in your CV and lots more to fetch yourself an interview and win the job.

Use a basic font

Your CV should look professional and hence the font you use matters a lot. You need to choose a basic font that is easy to read when writing the curriculum vitae. The font should be readable by hiring managers and also should be easily ready by software used in accessing CV. You need to choose an appropriate font size and type to make your CV look highly professional and excellent.

Include all your contact information

Another vital thing you will need to incorporate into your CV is your contact information. You need to ensure that all your contact information and details are included in your CV before posting to the employer. This will ensure that the employer can easily contact you when the need calls for it.

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The contact information you might need to include in the CV include your full name, city, street address, state, zip, home phone number, email address, cell phone number and so forth.

Include a profile or objective

The objective you include in the CV should be customized as much as possible to match with the job or position you are applying for. You need to be as specific as possible in your objective as your specificity here goes a long way to increase your chance of being considered for the job. You can also avoid using a headline in your CV profile.

Add relevant keywords in your CV

Since CV is probably going to be screened with software, keywords are very vital and will increase your chances of being considered for the job. The same keyword that appears in your job description should be included in curriculum vitae. This will go a long way in ramping up your chances of being considered for the position you are applying for

Make priorities in the resume content

Priorities are important in CV content. You need to ensure that relevant and vital experiences are listed first in yours before the less important ones. You also need to ensure that your major breakthroughs and successes are enlisted above each position.

Customize your resume

Writing a custom curriculum vitae takes lots of time and work. However, it is not a wasted effort as the effort put into writing a custom curriculum vitae is really worth it. This is mostly important when you are vying for a job that suite appropriately your experiences and qualifications.

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Make your resume format top notch

CVs used in applying for job openings are of various types. These include chronological, combination, functional, targeted and so forth. The one you choose for a given job should be dependent on your personal circumstance.

The time you spent customizing the curriculum vitae is not wasted but invested. You need to dedicate such time to giving your resume a perfect touch.

We tried to provide resume templates for Google Docs in this post. Time to time we will update this post.

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