Samsung Curved TV UNHU90000

Should you buy a curved TV? We look at the benefits of upgrading from a flat screen telly. Samsung and LG continue to invest in curved TV.

Samsung has invested a hefty sum-millions-in the research and development of its curved TVs, and again a lot more money into marketing with the slogan “The Curve Changes Everything”. However, one hardly experiences any change due to the curved shape, except the price which is, of course, pretty high.

Samsung Curved TV’s

Samsung Curved TV
Samsung Curved TV

Samsung Curved TV Which One?

Samsung Curved TV

Samsung claims that the curve enhances emersion, but UN65HU9000 does not feel more immersive than an excellent performing flat TV. Off and on, the viewer gets distracted due to the distortions introduced by the curved shape. However, for the most part, one may not be noticing the curve at all. The curve is apparent in person, in images, and video shots from sides and above, but the viewer watching it from the couch, the curve being so subtle, fails to notice it. Due to the curve, one has to pay $4300, an extra $1000 than the price of a flat screen TV. This is the difference in price of a curved TV UN65HU9000 and a flat UN65HU8550. There are, of course, other differences in features, but the most important difference is the curve. Hence, one has to pay $1000 extra for almost no change or improvement. The curved model in the U.K UE65HU8500T of 65 inches cost £4,000 while its Australian model UA65HU9000 costs AU$7000.

The curved HU9000 would be highly impressive TV even without its curve. It has a top-notch picture quality of an LED or LCD, but not so good as that of Sony X900B or Samsung’s own F8500, officially the last plasma TV. The list of features of HU9000 is quite long on the market, and includes 4K resolution, awesome upgradable connectivity, Smart TV suite, and housed in an external box. Also, it boasts of the best TV remote ever produced having more apps than any other, and a built-in camera, gesture and voice control, and many more.

However, despite all these special features, plus 4K and the curve, the HU9000 is not worth its value. Of course, many unsuspecting hoppers would buy this TV just for the unique curve that provides gorgeous look to the TV when in turned off mode. Many others would refuse to buy, just because it is not flat. Still a few other shoppers would read reviews, see it personally, and decide favorably or otherwise. Sorry Samsung; the curve is a little too pricey.

The Design-The Curve

The focus on these types of TVs is on the curve which is obvious from sides, but disappears when one moves to sweet seating position in the middle of the screen. The TV seems all the less curved if one sits further away. One can also notice some fun reflections out of the combination of the curve and the glossy screen when the TV is turned off.

The curve lends great look to the TV UNHU9000, provides excellent pictures with deep black levels, accurate colors, and has great viewing qualities. The drop-dead styling makes it gorgeous, and the curve provides a unique futuristic look. it has a superb remote, and many extras. However, the curve does not improve picture quality, and introduces some distortions. It is expensive without being extra useful.