Evaluating Samsung LED TV With Respect to LG LED TV

Samsung Led TV vs. Lg Led TV – Samsung or LG, and for that matter Sony or Toshiba, or Panasonic which is better, and there cannot be a straight forward answer. An HDTV of any make, of course the celebrated ones, cannot be termed as best in all respects, but one can be better than other with respect to only certain aspects. Different brands possess different characteristics understanding of which may provide us an idea as to which is the better buy. We discuss Samsung LED TV and LG LED TV here under.

Which Samsung LED TV should you Buy?

Samsung LED TV 001d0
Samsung LED TV.
Samsung LED TV 001d1
Samsung LED TV.

Both Samsung and LG are South Korean TV manufacturers, and fierce competition goes on between them. It goes beyond healthy competition, and includes such acts as mud-slinging, spying, and espionage. Intense competition gives rise to intense innovation which is good. Both occupy highest echelons in the field of their operation. The rivalry has resulted in innovative approaches to TV designing and engineering from both.

Samsung Quality vs. LG Design

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Samsung LED TV.
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Samsung LED TV.

The Design

Talking about the picture quality which is the main concern of the every viewer, every purchaser wants a thinner and sexier TV. Both Samsung and LG are neck and neck so far as slimness of TVs is concerned. As for an example, Samsung’s F8000 and LG’s LA8600 are the series of TVs that are on the top. One can see and feel that both offer to the consumer extremely tiny bezels and highly thin profiles.  The stand of LG comes in U-shape while that of Samsung retreats to the back of the TV set in a mild curve. While the stand of LG swivels, that of Samsung does not. However, both are enchanting TVs.


LG Led TV 001b1
LG Led TV.
LG Led TV 001b2
LG Led TV.

Picture Quality

A sweeping statement will be irresponsible. However, based on experiences and reviews, Samsung LED TVs have an edge over LG’s in terms of levels of black. On the other hand, LG LED TVs are claimed to have superior color accuracy out of the box. Screen finishes matte or glossy vary with models. One can just say that Samsung’s LED edge lighting control appears to be slightly ahead of LG’s at this juncture.

The User Interface

The user interface varies from tier to tier within a manufacturer’s line-up. The meaning of the term user interface is very broad; however, let us take user interface to mean the experience of navigating through the various menus of TVs to make certain changes in the settings. And, in this respect both Samsung and LG are on equal footing. Both have done a terrific job in this aspect.

Remote Control

It is a general notion that LG’s Magic motion remote is slightly better than track-pad style clicker remote which may fit in better with some models. However, the LG’s point-and-click, Wii-style remote action is preferred.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity in both brands is excellent, and there is no point discussing this aspect. However, one thing is crystal clear, when one intends to buy an LED TV; one should lay hands upon a TV of either Samsung or LG, and pick the remote to switch on the TV. Feel the touch of the remote and experience the thrill to decide which a better buy is.

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