Smith Wants to Remind Other Women of the Importance of Breast Self-Exams

ROCKFORD, Ill. Tabatha Smith possesses a dazzling appearance from head to toe.

Mr. Smith declared, “Just so we’re clear, I’m a huge admirer of glitter.” They are in the light, and I have the impression that the sun is shining on me as well.

What is the important conclusion that Smith draws from her experience?

“I was 24. According to Smith, 2016 was “the worst year that has ever existed.” “I woke up one morning feeling weird, so while I was in the shower, I checked my breasts,” she said. “I found nothing abnormal.”

Smith claimed that a spirit had instructed her to perform the very first breast self-exam she had ever done.

She noticed a slight lump in her left breast, so she made an appointment with a physician to find out what the problem was.

He assured me that I should not be concerned about you, Miss Smith. Your breasts are very full without any additional filling. At the age of 24, I find that I am increasingly using the word “okay.” He is a physician who practices medicine for a living. He has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Smith stated, “That is the reason why I left.”

However, the same ghost appeared again and terrified her once more.

Smith relayed the following information to me: “Something was talking to me.” “You need to make the necessary adjustments because something is not right.”

This time around, Smith insisted very strongly that a biopsy be performed.

Smith declared, “I am not going to leave this location until I obtain what it is that I desire.”

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Smith finally got the terrible results of the biopsy she had been waiting so long for, which confirmed her worst fears.

“Smith’s Story: A Breast Cancer Journey”

They discovered that she was suffering from breast cancer.

When Smith heard the words “He gave me a death sentence,” it sent chills down his spine. “He gave me a death sentence.”

Her entire life came crashing down around her.

I was sad. I went without eating for the better part of two weeks. I had no desire to get to my feet. The only thing that kept going through my head was how quickly the end of my life was approaching. However, the people around me assisted me. Tab, you have to leave that place immediately. Smith urged me to “keep pushing” in the conversation.

Smith’s breast cancer had progressed to the second stage by this point.

Smith was able to locate a surgeon who was willing to remove the tumor, and Massey Hospital was the location of his patient care. She also went through chemotherapy, which had a lot of bad side effects, especially the loss of her hair, which was hard for her.

“Cancer survivor uses her experience to encourage others”

Smith was concerned that she would suffer hair loss as a result of the situation. I addressed God with the words, “You know what? I’m going to put my faith in the procedure, and I have no doubt that by the time it’s over, you’ll have transformed me into a brand-new person, for which I’ll be eternally grateful.

Smith, who is now 31 years old and has been cancer-free for the past six years, wants to use her experience to encourage other women to perform regular self-exams of their breasts and to have faith in their own judgment.

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It’s a fact that if I hadn’t paid attention to what they said, I wouldn’t be in this room right now. Smith responded, “No, I wouldn’t.”

The cancer has been cured in Smith, which is wonderful news. In 2017, Tabatha’s family was the subject of a profile on CBS News. There was a history of breast cancer in her family, but despite the fact that they are twins, Tabatha did not inherit the disease from her sister.


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