SonderMind to Purchase Total Brain, a Leading Provider of Mental Health Care

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SonderMind Acquires Total Brain to Transform Mental Health Care

RENO, Nev. (Business Wire) –Today, SonderMind made the announcement that it had acquired the neuroscience business Total Brain with the intention of shifting people’s perceptions of their own mental health.

People will be able to learn more about their mental health outside of therapy as a result of this transformation in the mental health business, and they will also be able to use digital technologies as a component of their therapy.

With the assistance of the app and research developed by Total Brain, SonderMind will be able to make it simpler for people to work on improving their mental health on their own, at their place of employment, or in collaboration with a therapist at every stage of the process. The healing process will go more quickly as a result of this.

Following the completion of the acquisition of Total Brain, SonderMind will be in a position to provide partners in the health plan and health system with comprehensive solutions for mental and behavioural health.

They will also be able to reach people who want to improve their mental health as part of their own self-care, assist therapists in improving their results by utilising measurement-based care techniques with more information about their clients, and provide enterprise customers with population mental health tools.

iOS users can get their hands on the first version of the software right now, and Android users won’t have to wait much longer for their turn.

SonderMind’s app is more personalized than your therapist

According to Mark Frank, co-founder and chief executive officer of SonderMind, “Today, your coffee shop app knows more about you to give you personalised service than your therapist does the first time you see them.”

Total Brain will assist us in reversing this trend by enhancing the current high-quality medical care that is provided by SonderMind physicians.

We can help people get better faster by using their scientifically based app to provide them with a better understanding of their mental and emotional health and by encouraging them to collaborate with SonderMind to meet their needs using both digital and therapeutic methods.

This will allow us to help people get better more quickly.

To date, doctors affiliated with SonderMind have provided over 1.5 million treatment sessions to patients located in 15 states and the District of Columbia. These sessions are of high quality, may be customised to meet the requirements of each individual, and are priced reasonably.

The fact that SonderMind is always focused on clinical excellence sets it apart from other companies. For instance, it makes use of technology to pair patients with the most qualified therapists, collaborates with all of the main insurance providers, and provides patients with the choice of receiving treatment either in person or online.

By collaborating with the University of Denver to conduct research on behavioural health questions using millions of anonymized data points, as well as by establishing expectations and providing its providers with opportunities for professional development, SonderMind is searching for ways to objectively improve care at every stage, from the diagnosis to the outcome.

SonderMind to Purchase Total Brain

Because of this emphasis on delivering high-quality mental health care and achieving positive outcomes, SonderMind expressed interest in purchasing Total Brain.

Since its inception, Total Brain has placed a strong emphasis on brain research and actively disseminated its findings in an effort to advance medical practice. Total Brain was conceptualised by the well-known neuroscientist Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, Ph.D., who is also a medical doctor.

He has devoted more than 40 years of his life to conducting research and development in order to figure out how to quantify the 12 brain capacities that are responsible for determining a person’s psychological health.

The current software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for mental health care offered by Total Brain combines tools for monitoring patients based on tests, screenings, biometrics, and genetic information with applications designed to assist individuals in taking care of themselves.

People are able to have a deeper understanding of who they are and have access to a broader variety of services, all while the requirements of the population, providers, and precision medicine are satisfied.

In a statement, Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, Ph.D., founder of Total Brain, said, “Combining our decades of research and platform at Total Brain with the high-quality therapy at SonderMind will be a big step toward our shared vision of a healthier world through better mental health.”

SonderMind is a company that specialises in mental health treatment. When I first started working at SonderMind, I couldn’t wait to see the ways in which we would be able to advance the field of mental and behavioural health.

In the past, individuals were able to purchase and sell shares of Total Brain on the Australian Stock Exchange. Following the completion of this transaction, SonderMind is no longer a publicly traded company.

The Story Behind the Birth of SonderMind

As a leading supplier of mental health services, SonderMind has the mission of making access to high-quality therapy simple and ensuring that each patient receives care that is individualised to their needs.

Patients adopting SonderMind’s individualised approach to health care are matched with the finest available therapists in their insurance networks through the use of cutting-edge technology, which is the initial step in the process.

When viewed from this angle, the medical experts at SonderMind are dedicated to providing each and every one of their patients with care of the highest possible standard by placing an emphasis on improved clinical outcomes.

Clinical note-taking, secure telemedicine, measuring results, messaging, and direct booking are just some of the tools that SonderMind provides to our medical professionals to assist them in performing their jobs effectively.

A Quick Overview of the Whole Brain

A platform for monitoring and assisting mental health has been developed by the team at Total Brain. This platform is powered by the largest standardised brain database that exists anywhere in the world.

Over a million users have signed up for the services offered by the SaaS platform, which they put to use to systematically assess their cognitive capacities and reduce the likelihood of developing common mental disorders.

There will be less burnout among practitioners, and they will be satisfied with the treatment they provide for their patients.

They will also be able to maintain a more accurate record of the outcomes that are supported by evidence along the continuum of care. People and payers alike stand to gain when access to mental health care is simplified, costs are reduced, and patients experience increased levels of productivity as a direct result of these changes.