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You can download many of Spider Man PNG images & cliparts in this post. Spider-Man is a cartoon character and comic series by Marvel Comics. Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. His first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy No. 15 in August 1962.

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Spider-Man is one of the most important comic characters of the Marvel publishing house. In German-speaking countries, Spider-Man has been the most successful Marvel character ever since its introduction.

On the one hand he is a superhero with special abilities, on the other hand he has to fight with the troubles and problems of everyday life. Peter Benjamin Parker, also known as The Spider, is recorded as a Waisenkind by his uncle Ben and his aunt May.

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The character of the Spider-Man comes from the time when Marvel Comics began to focus on the superhero genre. After Marvel writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had already created characters that were both astronauts (the Fantastic Four, debut in November 1961) and scientists (Hulk, May 1962), Lee wanted to take a “normal teenager”. As the Fantastic Four already had elementary forces and the Hulk over Super Strength, Lee decided to give the new figure animal powers. He chose the spider, established that the new hero was unpopular in his civilian identity, and called him Spider-Man. Marvel’s chief Martin Goodman was skeptical, as Lee violated three unwritten laws: Firstly, youthful superheroes were mostly sidekicks of adult mentors (eg, Robin for Batman), secondly, Spider-Man had no glamorous superpower (Goodman was worried that readers Fear of spinning the comic), and third, the publisher was convinced readers would never buy a comic with a “loser” type. Lee convinced Goodman to make Spider-Man debut in the series Amazing Fantasy, which was on the verge of being out anyway. Originally, Lee planned that Jack Kirby should draw the new character. But after Kirby had delivered six screenplays, in which Spider-Man was portrayed as “too heroic,” he decided to entrust the rather reserved Steve Ditko with this task. Frozen Movie PNG Images

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