Street hooligans disrupt lastmile campaigning in Malaysia

What is the best way to report this incident online?

It is upsetting and potentially dangerous to witness supporters of one political party behaving in a manner consistent with that of street thugs on the final day of campaigning for the 15th general election. You can say your words of encouragement as loudly as you think is right.

But it is of the utmost importance that disruptive actions, like shouting provocative rants and acting in a way that shows a rowdy mind, be stopped completely.

I want the Inspector General of Police to give a strong warning and tell his officers to quickly catch anyone who wants to start a riot.

I think that most law-abiding and reasonable people would agree that party leaders and nominated candidates should be held responsible for any bad behavior by their supporters.

Threats, boos, taunts, and certainly acting out in a rowdy way will not win the vote of the rakyat, unless Malaysians are known for being very rowdy. Threats, boos, and taunts will not win the vote of the rakyat.

I want these events to be covered and reported on by every news organization, and I want them to do so without bias or opinion.

Those in positions of power who secretly work with lawbreakers to disrupt public order should lose their jobs right away.

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