Employee Resignation Letter

Free employee resignation letter sample. This is the resignation of a junior grade executive addressed to the Manager of the company. The letter bears at the top right corner the identity of the person resigning, and the date of the letter. After the customary salutation, the writer informs about his decision to quit his job with the company. He expresses his gratitude towards the company for providing him the opportunity to serve it and gain experience, and thus, was hard put to decide to quit.

He also reveals the reason for this decision as, and the accompanying excitement of, getting a new job. He makes it amply clear that his decision is irrevocable as he has already signed a contract with another company, and thus, is legally bound to join and serve it. At the end, he expresses his desire to cooperate with the department he has been serving in the present company up to the date of his final quit.

Thanking sincerely, he signs the letter. He duly forwards a copy of the letter to the HR department for information.

This is a typical quitting notification of an executive switching a job. The letter has the exuberance of a young, energetic, and ambitious person. It has all the ingredients that make the letter purposeful.