The Avenue 5 crew must choose who will live and who will die in order to keep the ship afloat in the seventh episode of the second season.


Once more, the crew of the Avenue 5 must choose which passengers will survive and which will perish in order to keep the ship afloat. And considering their track record, it’s safe to assume that nothing will go according to plan. Despite the fact that Ryan does not wish to be in charge, he is nonetheless in command.

It is incumbent upon him to maintain order and guide (at least some of) the passengers to safety.

What will take place in the seventh episode of Avenue 5’s second season?

The team devises an AI-based system to rate the passengers in order of importance. In the following episode of Avenue 5 from Season 2 on HBO, titled “I Love Judging People,” Ryan and the rest of the staff discuss potential responses to a TOTOPOTUS (The Office of the Other President of the United States) missile that is about to strike the ship. The crew comes to the unfortunate conclusion that they are unable to save everyone on board, so they devise an AI system to determine the fate of each individual passenger.

Who will be appearing on Avenue 5 in the second season?

Hugh Laurie plays the role of Ryan Clark in the comedic series Avenue 5, which also features Josh Gad as the billionaire ship owner Herman Judd, Zach Woods as the head of customer relations Matt Spencer, Lenora Crichlow as the second engineer Billie McEvoy, Suzy Nakamura as the associate owner Iris Kimura, and Nikki Amuka-Bird as the head of mission control Rav Mulcair.

Other members of the cast include Andy Buckley, who portrays Frank Kelly, Rebecca Front, who plays Karen Kelly, Kyle Bornheimer, who plays Doug, Jessica St. Clair, who plays Mia, Ethan Phillips, who portrays Spike, Adam Palsson, who portrays Mads, and Arsher Ali (Lucas).

This scene depicts Ryan and the rest of the crew coming to the realisation that they may escape the missile that is about to hit them by separating a portion of the ship from the rest of it.

However, there is a catch: there is only room for fifty percent of those currently on board. The crew devises an artificial intelligence system that assigns a value to each passenger on a scale from highest to lowest in order to determine who will be allowed on the lifeboat and who will not.

There is no reason to doubt that at least some of the passengers, like Judd, will figure out what is going on and make an effort to climb up the list in order to reach safety.

What did the sixth episode of Avenue 5’s second season have in store for viewers?

The sixth episode of the second season of Avenue 5 on HBO is titled “Intoxicating Clarity,” and it focuses on how the crew of the ship is adjusting to Ryan’s authority as the new Supreme Leader.

Ryan has gotten into character for the Halloween party as “TV Ryan,” a character from the soap opera about the Avenue 5. Iris is by his side to handle his increasingly dictatorial duties, which Ryan does not enjoy but goes along with for the sake of order on the ship because the majority of the passengers like his new rule.

Although Ryan does not enjoy these duties, he goes along with them for the sake of order on the ship. At the same time, Matt and Mads are in charge of an underground gang of revolutionaries who are working toward the goal of toppling the government through violent means.

Billie and Ryan’s Covert Mission to Assist Both Sides of the Conflict

By putting Billie in a position to become Judd’s new confidante, Billie and Ryan are also covertly assisting both sides of the conflict. By making out with Judd and verbally abusing Ryan, Billie is able to successfully babysit him and guide him in the proper direction.

This is due to the fact that Judd is the only person on Earth who is able to communicate with Lucas regarding the running of the spacecraft. When Rav and Spike discover a meteor containing lithium nearby, the significance of this discovery becomes clear.

They may potentially use it as a bargaining point with Lucas to convince him to prioritise the ship’s rescue attempts higher on the list of priorities. Unfortunately, Judd makes a mistake while he is speaking with Lucas, and as a result, the team discovers that TOTOPOTUS has launched a missile to destroy the Avenue 5.

As soon as Ryan makes his appearance at Cuddle Club, he makes a remark to the effect that someone ought to take care of Matt, which results in several people gripping him tightly in a hug and taking him to the hospital.

After that, very quickly, a rumour begins to circulate that Ryan is becoming a violent tyrant, which causes many of the passengers to feel terrified. To get things back under control, Ryan proposes that he and Matt shake hands in public.

Matt was shot in the stomach by an unknown person using a crossbow while they were shaking hands. However, Mads reveals to Matt that he covertly arranged the assassination attempt so that Matt would become a martyr and he would receive more attention. The passengers believe that Ryan was the one who called for the attempted murder.

“Avenue 5” Watch Party Turns into Panic After Fake Ship is Destroyed

In an effort to improve his public image and increase morale, Ryan organises a costume party for the entirety of the ship and shows the television show Avenue 5. Iris tells the passengers that they are only allowed to dress up as Captain Ryan, despite the fact that Ryan has said it is okay for anyone to dress up as him.

Iris encouraged the majority of the guests to come dressed as Ryan, even though they all came dressed as a different character from the soap opera. The fact that Matt is depicted in his costume as being nailed to a cross gives the idea that he is a martyr.

The surprising conclusion to the episode is revealed at the end of the watch party, when it is revealed that an extremist attack has destroyed the phoney Avenue 5 spaceship, which has caused panic on the actual ship. After that, Billie, Judd, and Rav arrive up and warn Ryan that this episode is a cover-up since there is actually a missile headed in their direction right now.