The best present for a youngster: Lego sets!

If you are looking for a present for a youngster who is between the ages of 4 and 15, the odds are good that at least one Lego set has crossed your mind as a possibility.

A memento from the “City” collection created by the brand is an excellent way to recall your time spent in New York.

The best way to navigate the city is by using the subway!

How to navigate the city with the subway! A place to put out fires! The rugged dirt bike that Eric Adams will undoubtedly total in the near future. This week, we came across a complete set of an ambulance that included a person cycling to the emergency room.

In addition, there is a sad little cyclist dressed in plaid who is riding a bright green bike that is also included in the set. Presumably, a car ran the red light. The motorcyclist appeared to be in a good mood despite the fact that he had just been struck by a car.

Even Lego’s German rival Playmobil’s “City Action” ambulance set includes a biker as one of the victims of an accident. Even the guy riding the bike next to him appears to be in a good mood.

Is something wrong with the way ambulances handle bicycle accidents?

When vehicles hit bicycles, one of the most usual things for ambulances to do in urban areas is to transport them to hospitals for medical treatment. True, but sad!

But there seems to be something that isn’t quite right. A number of years ago, somebody walked up behind me and opened the door.

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I declined the driver’s offer to call an ambulance since, in all honesty, who can afford something like that in this day and age? It’s too bad the price is $79.99. (with free shipping).


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