The General Rules for Writing Cover Letters

Advice on how to write a cover letter including examples of speculative cover. A good cover letter should make an employer interested enough to read your application.

A cover letter has other names that are used to describe it, motivational letter, covering letter or a motivation letter. It is an introductory letter that accompanies the document known as resume or curriculum vitae.

Job applicants conventionally send a cover letter alongside a resume or while seeking employment as a preliminary step towards introducing themselves to the prospective employer; it explains the suitability of a person to the position sought. The employers normally look for the well-written and outstanding cover letters as a threshold test for those applicants who sufficiently show interest and screening those who lack the basics in the position. There are three formal cover letters that the applicant can write. 


Cover Letter Sample 02
Cover Letter Sample 03

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Cover Letter Sample
Cover Letter Sample
  • A prospective letter is an uninvited document that is for the exploration of possible positions that have not been declared as vacant.
  • Application letters that are penned to respond to a certain invitation to the applicants.
  • A networking letter, this seeks to relevant information that assists the job seeker while searching for a job.

The structure or format of the cover letter is normally the classic business formal style. They are normally one-paged, with three components. There is a header, introductory paragraph, body, and a closing clause.

  • The header engulfs the senders address, recipient’s contacts and the date sent. It adopts the conventional business format, with an official tone. This is then followed by referencing and a transmission clause. The conclusive content of the header is the salutation.
  • The beginning is an introduction paragraph that concisely states the position being sought; it ought to be eye-catching and captivating to elicit interest in the employer. The grounds for writing the letter must also be given.
  • The body comes after the introductory paragraph and bears the substantive information of the applicant. It expounds the reasons why you are after the job and why you will be a resource to the employer. The body is amplification or a highlight of the content in the resume; it ought not to be a duplication of the curriculum vitae. The cover letter also contains the ancillary information such as availability of the applicant and dates, for convenience sake.
  • Closing paragraph is conclusive on the contents of the letter and the subsequent steps the applicant will take. The approach should be indirect on contact with the employer, tell them you are looking forward to getting their feedback. This is then followed by the valediction, for instance sincerely and then a signature line.
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Cover Letter Format
Cover Letter Format
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Cover Letter Format for Technical Writers

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Cover Letter Sample
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