The Han Yuchen Exhibition: A 50-Year Journey Through Art

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The changing of the seasons is one of the most breathtaking aspects of time. The thoughts and hearts of the individuals who create works of art are the source of their aesthetic value.

The exhibition featured 83 oil works and spanned Han Yuchen’s whole painting career spanning 50 years. The 13-day display received a great deal of praise from those who saw it. A significant number of artists were present, and visitors from many walks of life showed an interest in the work that was on display.

Han Yuchen and Chairman Feng Reconnect at Boao Forum

It had been more than a year since Han Yuchen and Chairman Feng had last seen each other before they reconnected at the cultural roundtable conference hosted by the Boao Forum in Hainan.

Before looking at each piece in the exhibition, the two read a passage titled “Sketching is the Stairway to the Kingdom of Freedom in Painting” written by Yang Feiyun, director of the Oil Painting Academy at the Chinese Academy of Arts.

This passage was read before the two looked at each piece in the exhibition. It was scrawled in large letters on the wall. The exhibition of oil paintings by Han Yuchen featured 83 individual works.

Han Yuchen was questioned by Chairman Feng about the reason that 25 of his early works were exhibited separately and given the title “Birth of a Dream and Difficulties of Self-study.”

Han Yuchen shared with him the challenges he had when he attempted to study sketching on his own, as well as the ups and downs he experienced at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the 1970s as a direct result of the circumstances surrounding his family life at the time.

Chairman Feng Praises Han Yuchen’s Artwork

Chairman Feng praised Han Yuchen’s “Taihang Old Farmer,” “Lush Grassland,” and “Zhangjiajie Eighteen Generals Mountain,” in addition to Han Yuchen’s other works from this time period, for his unwavering dedication to the purest goal of art.

Chairman Feng also praised Han Yuchen’s other works from this time period. When Han Yuchen needs inspiration, he frequently travels to this region, which lies west of Handan and close to the Taihang Mountains.

Chairman Feng believes that the twenty pieces of artwork that are currently on display here faithfully depict the beautiful scenery of the Taihang Mountains, vividly demonstrate how hardworking and determined the people of the Taihang Mountains are, and demonstrate how the artist practises art that comes from life and goes to the roots of creative ideas.

In front of Hall 5, Chairman Feng read over Han Yuchen’s 50-year chronology of sketches and papers from exhibitions that had been held in China and other countries during the past ten years with great care.

Chairman Feng Lauds Han Yuchen’s Exhibitions on Multiethnic Customs and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The exhibitions in question had been staged in China and other countries. He reasoned that if he accomplished this, those who went to the show would have a deeper knowledge of what each painting represented since they would have a greater comprehension of the painter’s development, experience, and creative philosophy as a result of what he had done.

Chairman Feng went to the third part of the show, which was called “Devotion to Multi-ethnic Customs,” and he said that Han Yuchen’s portraits of Tibetans, Mongols, Xinjiangis, Guizhouans, and Yunnanians, amongst others, were very moving.

Chairman Feng also went to the second part of the show, which was called “Devotion to Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

When Chairman Feng reached the multi-subject painting measuring 135 centimetres by 230 centimetres and titled “The Band of Dong Village,” he took a step back to examine it from a greater distance, then moved in closer to examine the colours, and then read the labels that were placed next to the painting, which were accompanied by a few photographs taken on the location.

Han Yuchen explained to Chairman Feng how he conceived of the idea for this painting and how he overcame challenges such as shifting viewpoints and colour mismatches in the process of creating it. Chairman Feng urged Han Yuchen to keep working hard and challenging himself so that he may advance even further in his artistic career.

At the conclusion of the trip, Chairman Feng participated in a series of interviews. He lauded Han Yuchen’s oil paintings and sketches for their realism and sensitivity, as well as for his creative determination to accomplish a high level of artistic excellence, and he said thus about Han Yuchen.