The Recommended Format For Simple Business Letter

When business letter format are written on company letterhead stationery, they are generally formatted in a full block style with each part of the letter justified to the left margin. Letters not on company letterhead stationery are written in a modified block style with the heading, date and complimentary close left justified to the center line and the inside address, salutation and body justified to the left margin.

Some people have problems writing business letters and end up using other methods which might not be right. There are a few guidelines that need to be followed in order to come up with a master-piece. There are two major formats used in drafting business letters that includes block and semi-block types. A simple business letter has the following format:

1.      Senders address

This part contains the mailing address of the person sending the business letter. Other information like the place of business are usually found in this part. In most cases, one should only include these details if the page does not have a letterhead.

2.      Date line

The letter should also contain the date on which this letter was written. There are various formats used but the most common styles of writing dates differ. In most cases you can write the month followed by the day and then the year. It is worth remembering that even letterheads need dates to be typed in.

Business Letter Format Samples
Business Letter Format Samples

3.      Receiver’s address

In this part, one should take into consideration the fact that the letter is addressed to a specific person. The title of the person and the name of the company where they work should be stated clearly. If one is not sure about the address of the person,  then they should call and confirm the much needed mailing address.

4.      Salutation

The salutation should be short and clear thus it is necessary that it only contains some vital information. This should be directed to the person who is supposed to receive the business letter. Here there is a need to know the gender of the person and if not so then use the person’s full name.

5.      The body

When using modified formats, create a single space then click left justify. This will affect each paragraph in the body. One can then create a blank line in each paragraph. When doing this, be careful and know that you need to create something unique. First paragraph should include being friendly then heading to the main point. The second paragraph should explain the first one. In the remaining paragraphs ensure that you include detailed information and supportive evidence.

6.      Closing

Ensure that it is short and is direct to the point thus bringing down the whole process of writing. You can then sign off by indicating a thank you and signing.

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