The Ridgley Siblings: A Family Affair at Elon University

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The Ridgley children have discovered a spot on Elon University’s campus that reminds them of home.

Everyone who is currently enrolled at Elon University has fond memories of the time when they were submitting their college applications. You have a lot of responsibilities for the first semester of your senior year.

For instance, you need to learn how to effectively manage your time and come up with a convincing answer to the question “Where will you go to college?” that will be asked of you by well-meaning family members at Thanksgiving dinner, even if you don’t know the answer yet.

This is something that you need to do even if you don’t know the answer yet. It can be challenging to make a decision regarding which college to attend when you have only spent a limited amount of time at each potential institution.

Ridgley Family Sends Third Child to Elon University

Because her brothers Pierce and Will Ridgley were both members of the Class of 2025, Lily Ridgley ’26 was able to “find a piece of home here at Elon.” Lily wasn’t the first member of her family to attend Elon; in fact, she was the third member of her family to do so.

According to Lily, her brothers have a “pretty firm” stance on the matter of her attending college. Even her brothers made the effort to persuade her to apply to Elon University with less enthusiasm than she did for the other schools she was considering attending.

She had no trouble adapting to her new life at college, despite the fact that she was aware she would be missing her two older brothers.

Because my brothers were there, everything turned out for the better. She stated, “I’m used to being away from home because I went to a boarding school for high school; however, it’s nice to have a support system here.”

She is also of the opinion that Elon University is an excellent location to display all three of these activities to their full potential. Each of the Ridgley children will be able to find a niche at Elon that plays to their individual skills and interests.

Active Social Scene at Elon University: Lily, Will and Pierce

Lily is an economics consultant with a background in finance from her college studies. Will is currently pursuing a degree in environmental science, whereas Pierce has not yet made up her mind about what she wants to major in.

Because these students are enrolled in a variety of distinct academic programs, they travel to various locations across the campus.

It is wonderful that this campus has such a wide variety of interesting places to visit.

Although it is possible that my brothers might use the Oak House as a study space, I almost never go to the library in favor of the Oak House.

They are all extremely active participants in the same social scene at Elon University. Lily is attempting to join her boyfriends Will and Pierce in their involvement in the local Greek community.

She enjoys being able to visit her family when she wants to, but she never feels obligated to do so.

Even though the three siblings have distinct academic and social objectives, Elon is a school that can accommodate all of their needs.