The Secret Service’s $45,000 Golf Cart Contract

donald trump

The Secret Service signed a $45,000 contract on Monday for a fleet of golf carts it said were needed to protect an unnameddignitary in Sterling, Virginia, right down the road from the Trump National Golf Club.

The agency signed the contract with Collin Golf Cars, claiming the golf carts were necessaryto facilitate dignitary movements. However, the contract itself doesnt specify which dignitary the agency is protecting nor what theyre doing to protect them.

The golf carts will be delivered by Sept. 29, according to the contract. The Secret Service did not immediately respond to HuffPosts questions about the contract.

Trump has been known to golf at his Virginia club, and the golf course is across the street from the club. The contract was posted online by ProPublica, which noted that the language in the contract suggested the agency may have expected the golf carts to be operational on Aug. 1.

The Contractor shall deliver all Golf Carts to the Government at the location specified in this contract by 12:01 AM on August 1, 2019, the contract said.