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The tiger – the largest cat on earth

The tiger (Panthera tigris) once populated almost all of Asia – 100 years ago more than 100,000 tigers roamed the forests. In 2009, only 3200 tigers worldwide could be counted. At the Tiger Summit in the Russian St. Petersburg in 2010, the WWF has set itself the goal of doubling the number of tigers by the year 2022. Since then, the number of wild tigers has risen for the first time in decades, at least in some countries: Today, about 3890 of these majestic big cats live in the wild.

The tiger is today regarded as one of the symbols of modern species protection. For many years the WWF has been involved in numerous international protection projects. Protection projects are mainly concerned with reducing the three main hazards: loss of habitat, poaching and trafficking, conflicts between people and tigers, which often lead to the death of the tigers.

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