Tips for Eating Great Foods at Cheap Costs While Traveling

Being hungry while traveling is a great misery. It makes you become irksome and miserable. Food is the next big expense to make while traveling besides airfare and accommodation. You truly need to enjoy local dishes and cuisines at your destination but it might interest you to note that you can do that without spending exorbitantly. Here are some takes on achieving this with ease.

Take to Locals

Foods are generally pricier in areas full of tourists than they are in regions occupied by locals. This is true no matter the region of the world you are considering. This explains why only foreigners eat in such regions. Of course, locals know where foods are sold at much cheaper costs and they are always ever ready to relate the information to others. 

Some of the persons you can ask are taxi drivers. They drive all through the town and eat out all the time. So they should know where to find cheap foods. You can get along well enough with a taxi driver to take his contact details. This will help you to call him each time you are hungry in order for him to take you to the place you can eat at cheap cost. You can as well enquire from hotel staff in case you want quick and convenient stuff. Your record of journey will become a great story if you converse with locals anywhere you can.


Try as much as possible to be detailed and specific in order to obtain the best advice. You can help by specifying the exact type of dish you want rather than mentioning a dish generically. Furthermore, ask the locals where they eat rather than where to eat. This will ensure that they do not take you to where every other tourist eats.

Look for Crowd

It is not really possible to plan your journey around your meals. Therefore, when traveling, try as much as possible to be observant. If you see a line of locals at an eatery, you should know that is a good place to eat. You can simply go and join the line or note the place in order for you to comeback anytime you are hungry to eat.

I applied this tip when I went to Bangkok. In a night market, I saw a crowded food stall and each of the seats was taken. I quickly took my own seat and ordered just the kind of meal my neighbor had which looked like a noodle soup. I do not have an idea what the locals call the noodle soup but it was really a delicious meal and I enjoyed it.

BYO Food

Not everybody will want to eat local fares. In case you want to always get a breakfast of egg and bacon, you have to choose a hotel which offers complimentary breakfast. You will save yourself a lot of money on lunch if you eat large breakfast.

On the other hand, you can also make your own food to save more money. Shouldn’t vacation be for fun and fun alone and should one be making his own food during vacation? If you want to satisfy those cravings of yours, then you should. This will even help you to save lots of money.

However, you will need to avoid standard hotel rooms if you plan to cook. In such cases, you can opt in for accommodations with kitchens. You can find many apartment hotels, hostels and vacation rentals with kitchen. Sharing the kitchen with some other people will even help you to learn more about their culture.