What To Do To Find Better Job When You Are Fired

Mostly in tight job markets, people who are just fired from their previous jobs face hard times in job hunting. Although, it may not be easy for you to find jobs in such a condition, there are things you can do to make it easier to get a good job after being fired from your previous one. Understanding these tips will make you a master when it comes to handling post-termination job searches.

Control your emotions

People face lots of emotional tussle and distress on losing their jobs. They not only lose their jobs but also they lose their peace and in most cases, joy. Anger tends to develop owing to the uncertainty brought by sudden unemployment as well as the humiliating experience of being fired. This can also result to feeling of inadequacy, anxiety over the future and depression. Although these reactions come naturally when fired, yet they are not going to help you in such a condition.

You need to concentrate on the positives and not the negatives in order to bring yourself to where you ought to be. Focus on your strength and think on them rather than on your weakness. You also need to forgive yourself for any failure that brought you to the condition you face at the moment.

Reevaluate your situation

After handling your emotions, the next thing to do is to access the situation analytically. You should analyze the situation in toto and consider the actual thing resulted to the problem, why it happened and what you can do to ensure that it does not happen again.

You need to ask yourself some important questions at this level. What are your strengths? What are the areas of your expertise that needs development? Are you using your skills and knowledge in a satisfactory way? If not, then what improvement should you make?


This could be the opportunity you need to venture into near areas of life or start a new career. Therefore, when evaluating your strengths, goals and weaknesses, think about how you can actually function well in a different and new position or industry than the one you have recently being laid off from. You can also search for companies near your previous company and you should not be afraid to do so.

Be quick with your action

It is not advisable to take extended break from working after being fired. This already creates a negative impression in your profile which might make potential employers to be wary of you. The gap might even lead them to think that you have even more serious issues that resulted than merely being fired from your previous job. The negative emotions you are trying to control will produce more pus as you wait longer before finding a new employment.

It is important to begin your job hunt quite early. The best time to start is the same day you got fired, however, you can take some time to harmonize your emotion in case needs call for it. You can opt in for freelance and volunteer work to fill in the position in case it is taking too long to find a job. You will be more acceptable to potential employers if you have been busy after being fired from your previous job.

Enhance your references

To eliminate the negative mark caused by the departure, you need good references. You can get references from managers you worked with before being laid off. However, it will be better you get references from the job you were laid off from. This can be easily gotten from fellow employees. Nonetheless, the best reference you need is from your former employer. You can get this reference by sending a letter to him admitting your errors and also appreciating the employer for the opportunity to learn.